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Woman dies in Gulf on double red flag day on Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WMBB) — A woman died after drowning in the Gulf of Mexico behind Long Beach Resort on Panama City Beach.

Lifeguards, firefighters, and police rescued four others who had been pulled into the water, but were unable to save 37-year-old Amber Peardon.

Beach officials said Amber Peardon and her husband 32-year old Coty Peardon were two of the four people rescued.

He was transferred to the Ascension Sacred Heart Emergency Room, but his wife later died from the drowning.

Panama City Beach Fire Rescue Battalion Chief, Tim Smith, said it is important to stay out of the gulf.

“Please, you know we want everyone to be on this beach and have a fun safe time. But please heed these warnings to these double red flag conditions,” said Smith. “The water is very dangerous right now and there’s only so many resources on this beach. We can’t cover every square foot”

Out of the four that were taken to the hospital, a 16-year-old is in critical condition.

“It seemed to kind of dampen the mood a little bit and definitely put things into perspective. And to respect the double red flags and make sure they were following the rules and keeping their family, their children safe,” said Meaghan Burk, a tourist.

While some people were entering the Gulf despite the double red flags, most visitors were aware that they should stay out of the water.

“We know it’s double red flag so we just stayed out. I’d tell anybody and everybody to stay out of the water because it’s scary, scary, scary,” said Zach Irmscher, a tourist.

After pulling the couple from the water, the Fire Rescue immediately began CPR on the couple.

“Everyone that out there got distressed and nobody could get to them at first until the lifeguard got here. And when the lifeguard got here he was able to get out to the rest of them,” said Burk.

With limited lifeguards and patrol available local officials urged people to stay out of the water.

“With the double red flag conditions that we are requesting people not to enter the water. We have beach safety out there, we have fire personnel out there along with code enforcement,” said Smith. “And the police department, all in an attempt to educate individuals on the dangers of rip currents and the double red flag conditions”


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